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We help companies transform, execute at
their best, and achieve
new heights!

We distill decades of experience at industry leading companies like McKinsey, Google, and Walmart into an easy-to-follow and software driven management approach.

What we do

Companies struggle to get things done and the people are not the problem.

Leaders have many ‘blind spots’ and teams are constantly facing blockers.

Many of today’s companies find it very challenging to focus on what matters, make decisions quickly, and drive progress

Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦

We’ve created a product that delivers tremendous value by…

Surfacing and resolving blockers faster

Enforcing a consistent way of working

Smart use

Quicker decision making

Increased transparency

Ultimately, we help get things done!

We’re able to provide actionable benchmarks so you know how your company performs against some of the top global organizations. 


Did you know?

The best companies take 50% less time to take action against blockers?

The best companies take 27% less time to complete follow up actions to drive work forward!

Team Meeting

Imagine how much faster your company can be?

Our leadership team from McKinsey, Google, and Walmart

Who we are

Ahmad Zaidi

Co-Founder & CEO

Former McKinsey Partner who was one of the core leaders that developed the Firm’s Enterprise Agility approach.

Ali Ahmed

Co-Founder & CTO

Google Senior Software Engineer with extensive experience in ML for Google Ads, and a PhD in computational biology.


Xavier Tang


McKinsey, Lyft Strategy, and led Blackdot Consulting (customer strategy firm) in North America (acquired by EY).


Karla Rodriguez

Head of Implementation

Walmart with transformation and growth experience – leadership role in transforming the Walmart way-of-working.


Roger Martin

World's leading management thinker 2017, former Dean of Rotman and trusted strategy advisor to the CEOs of companies worldwide including Procter & Gamble, Lego and Ford


Guido Meardi

Co-Founder and CEO of V-Nova, deep tech company creating international standards that improve data compression through game-changing use of AI and parallel processing 


Christopher Paquette

Chief Digital Transformation Officer Allstate, Former Chief Digital and Strategy Officer Trustmark and former McKinsey Partner

Our Advisors


Dom Wallace

Chief Technology Officer at RAVL with decade plus of experience designing and building technology solutions


Shaun Kentwell

Partner at RAVL with decade plus of experience in designing, building, launching and managing technology products


Manik Aryapadi

Consumer tech and product strategist at Meta, former McKinsey Partner

We would love to show you what we’ve built.

Let us show you our innovative solution and explore how it can help you and your organization remove blockers and get things done!

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